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passion for Beautiful Clothes

The Lori Markman Showroom represents quality apparel and accessory collections.
The brands I choose to represent are timeless, unique, impeccably made, and
ethically produced. All the materials in my collections are among the highest quality
and invite a woman to wear them. I enjoy selling products that will be profitable for
my customers and cultivate relationships. Throughout my career, I have focused on
selling independent businesses and believe that boutiques are always the best way
to shop. No screen can replace the feel and fit of a garment, nor the social experience
of shopping in person.

My career began in Dallas, and then took me to 7 th Avenue in NYC in the late 70’s. It
was a great education into the industry, and I enjoyed it immensely for three years.
Family brought me back to Dallas, so I worked at the Apparel Mart for two years.
This was the hay day of the industry! I enjoyed connecting with specialty stores and
learned to appreciate independent businesses. There I worked with a little line call
Esprit De Corps, and then College Town. Soon, it was time to get out of Texas, and be
among nature and water again. San Francisco was a natural choice due to the beauty
and east coast style. Here I planted roots. I began my solo career by bringing brands
from NY. Street Life, UFO, and eventually Urban Outfitters were wonderful to sell at
the time. I’m proud to have established Margaret O’ Leary in this territory for 10
solid years. I established TOMS in the Pacific Northwest for 8 great years and
learned a lot about how powerful a “Giving” model is to business. I took the torch for
Johnny Was for 12 years, until it was time to pass it on. Weston Wear was one of a
kind. Our 26 years together was fantastic and then Julie was ready to retire, after a
stellar career in fashion! We all miss Weston!

Over the years, brands come and go, however I always hope to take the
relationships that I have made with buyers with me. As the industry evolves, so do
my brands. I am proud of the collections that I am currently selling, as they are
timeless, limitless, fun, beautiful, and have lasting value for years of enjoyment.
Some of my fondest memories are of shopping with my friends and my mother.
Being in a store and having the sales person put you in something that you never
would have noticed and look amazing, is the kind of service that a boutique brings.
To quote Romy and Michelle, “We really do change peoples lives through fashion!”


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